Water, cement, rock, passion, history and sweat.

In a world filled with big and impersonal companies, doing things person-to-person with a focus on safety becomes a trademark. Family-owned for more than seventy years, we’ve put a lot of ourselves into the business and deliver on our promises with every order.

Yet our family has grown with more than 100 new and late-model mixers ready for any size of pour, and with thirteen plants throughout Alabama we cover the region with as much concrete as you need.

Every kind of job.

One of a kind service.

It’s not just quantity, but quality, that matters.

  • We own our sand and gravel quarries to readily supply material for a host of different specifications, our own color dispenser to ensure the color is just right every time.
  • We run a state-certified laboratory, complete with veteran ASTM-certified technicians, that ensures consistency of product.
  • Our offices are strategically located across Alabama so that we get to you when you need us.

In short, we’re big enough for any size job, but small enough to treat each customer like family. It’s how we’ve always done it, and how we always will.

SAFETY is key.

And our record shows it.

Our most important job? Making sure that our product arrives safely at the job site. That’s why Bama Concrete invests heavily in safety training. As a result, we have one of the best records in the business.

We think that says a lot about us, both in how we operate and in the product we deliver.